Earn Money 3 Different Ways From This 1 Investment

I’m telling you this now because we’ve been mentioning REITs in Boom & Bust of late, and so far the results have been solid. But what I want to mention today is potentially even better.

If you believe in the REIT story… and expect REIT prices to go higher… and someone told you that you could buy a portfolio of REITs for 90 cents on the dollar… wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?

Absolutely you would!

You’d be crazy not to!

Well, that’s exactly the situation today in the world of closed-end funds. And in Peak Income, the new newsletter I write with Rodney, I recently recommended a closed-end REIT fund trading for about 90% of net asset value.

Out of fairness to the readers who pay for that information, I can’t share the specific stock with you. But I can definitely tell you how I chose this fund and what you should look for when evaluating closed-end funds on your own.

Earn Money 3 Different Ways From This 1 Investment

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