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How can you pay for your travels by working online?

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Behind The Laptop PP

Credit card ‘churners’ travel cheap | Jim Gallagher |

The scheme goes like this: Apply for a credit card with a rich sign-up bonus — airline miles and hotel are the most popular. Use the bonus, then cancel the card if it charges an annual fee.

It’s called “credit card churning” and it has developed its own subculture. The “churn, baby, churn” discussion group on Reddit has nearly 43,000 members. It’s filled with tales from people who say they’ve trotted the globe on the cheap.

Matt Schulz has tried his hand at it.

Credit card ‘churners’ travel cheap | Jim Gallagher |

5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers Navigate Loyalty Programs – Skift

This week’s five startups seek to help travelers understand the changing travel loyalty landscape. They act as advisors to loyalty card holders, helping them decide when to redeem points and how to maximize the programs they’re a part of of.

>>RewardExpert helps travelers use and understand their rewards programs.

SkiftTake: The problem should instead be making these rewards programs easier to understand in the first place rather than creating separate businesses for this.

>>RewardStock helps travelers decide whether or not they should pay for travel with rewards points.

5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers Navigate Loyalty Programs – Skift

12 Ways to Make Money as You Travel

Below you’ll first find ideas for short-term travelers. All of these can be added to the list below that which has ideas more appropriate for long-term travelers. I hope these tips help everyone travel longer, farther and more often, because that’s what Travel Money Tuesdays is all about.

Make Money as You Travel Short-term.

  1. Produce and sell your own tours online. If you’re a planner and like taking video of your travels why not video the tour you’ve planned for yourself and then sell it on lets you produce video or audio tours and sell them online. They have helpful guidelines, sets your price and you get 60% of the revenue.

12 Ways to Make Money as You Travel